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Whispering Breezes

Well it is officially Summer as all the children and Teachers are now done for the summer, and the lifeguards are now on duty. It is imperative for anybody driving to constantly be on the look out for kids at this time of year. Please make sure of your surroundings when driving and be aware that the kids might be around. Slow down in the parking lots and the on the road, and lets make this a safe and enjoyable summer!

A reminder to all the kids, (and some adults) that the Summer Bike Rule is in effect and security will be cracking down. Please be careful with your bikes, scooters and skateboards and obey the bike rules for everyone’s safety.

Happy Fourth of July to everyone! Enjoy the barbeques, the celebrations and especially the beach but while doing those great activities never lose sight of the fact that our freedom was won and continues because of the spilling of patriot blood, and that freedom isn’t free! THANK a soldier, a veteran, a cop, a fireman or any other individual that is willing to put their life on the line for you. Enjoy this 235th year of independence from tyranny, but remember the people who paid for your freedom and still do to protect it.

This Saturday night July 2nd is the Breezy Point Cooperative Fire Works Night. The fire works will be commencing around 9:30PM on the bay beach. It is great that the Cooperative does this for us every year, Kudos to all involved! A quick reminder though, fireworks are illegal in New York State and there will be a large NYPD presence in Breezy that night. 

This coming Thursday night the Graybeards will be hosting the annual Welcome to Rockaway Parade for the Wounded Warriors. The Warriors are coming for the annual Adaptive Water Sports Festival to be held next weekend. The arrival of the Wounded Warriors and the subsequent parade through town is always a great spectacle and should always be. The whole community should come out once again as we have in the past and greet these brave men and women that have given so much for our freedom. Bring signs, bring flags but most importantly bring yourselves over to the road and welcome these great people, and if you happen to run into one of them around Breezy remember to thank them for their sacrifice.

Understand the Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes Concert last week was a really great time, and that Southside really played his heart out for Clarence Clemons and the Breezy faithful. Thanks to all who helped out in bringing this amazing entertainer to breezy!

Did everyone respond to the letter from Joann Moschetto last week in which she was gauging the interest of possibly having David Cassidy play at the Colony? The cooperative would need to guarantee 300 people for the show to happen, so if you are interested email the coop at bpcoop@breezypoint coop.org and cc Joanne in as well at wewantdavid@aol.com
Hope all the children were signed up for the oodles of fun summer activities that will be taking place this year. If not there is still time to sign up for the Roxbury Little League and the Teen Show, which will be holding its registration and first rehearsals for pre-teens this Tuesday night and for teens on Wednesday night at the Colony Theater. Mrs. Hendry and Maryellen always love to see the children engaged in fruitful pursuits, send the kids down to registration!

Hope all the runners and bicycle riders have signed up for the 7th annual Breezy Point Biathlon on July 9th. The Biathlon is in Memory of three outstanding people, Bill and Alice Mullaly and Thomas Woods. The race is always a great day and race committee chairman Ryan Woerner is hoping to get 250 entrants this year. Please see the ad in this paper and if so inclined or able to compete please do as the proceeds from the race go to a great scholarship fund.